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How to make shipbuilding success with a smart ship automation system

3 reasons why ULSTEIN X-CONNECT® can make your shipbuilding project a success.
13 March 2017

1. Reduced engineering time ? configuration tool

Our configuration tool in ULSTEIN X-CONNECT® significantly reduces the hours spent on engineering your alarm, monitoring and control systems. What used to take hundreds of hours can now be configured in less than 25. This reduces the price considerably. Making changes and adding functionality have never been easier.

2. Reduced installation cost - Easy to change and expand

New requirements and new technologies change more rapidly than ever, and the system technology installed must be able to cope. The ULSTEIN X-CONNECT technology can easily be expanded and is flexible and scalable in terms of adding new functionality. The system can be configured with functionality of the customers' choice to a low cost. Configurations are done quickly with our configuration tool, and changes can be done all the way up to design freeze.

3. New and intuitive user interface ? safer, smarter and greener ship operations

A shipbuilding project's success depends on how content the ship owner is. Most accidents at sea are caused by human errors: Your yard can help reduce this risk for the ship owner by taking into use our alarm, monitoring and control systems based on the ULSTEIN X-CONNECT.

The user interface is developed by users for users. We have designed all the screen displays with focus on user safety and easy perception. The system is safe, in the way that it makes decision making in operations easy, smart, in the way that it gives the right information at the right time, and green, since automated ship operations help the crew running the ship as effective as possible.

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