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Ship design for added value creation

Ulstein Group's dedicated ship designers share a mission of innovation; to challenge the established truth and to come up with new solutions that enhance the customers` value. Recently, Ulstein launched a series of fish trawlers with state-of-the-art ship solutions for sustainable fishing methods and processing.
18 February 2019

Ulstein Group has a long tradition of cooperating with different actors when developing new and innovative ship designs and solutions. On this project, Ulstein has worked closely together with Nordic Wildfish, one of Norway's most innovative fishing companies within demersal trawling.

Innovations for improved trawling

The new FX101 design is based on experience gained through field studies and advanced analyses. The unique design, with optimal capacity with regards to quota for efficient and profitable fishing, will make significant improvements in trawler fishing.

Gentle fish handling and better utilisation of raw material

Ulstein's new trawler series is designed to implement solutions for gentle fish handling, efficient processing, low energy consumption and full utilisation of the raw material. This will provide significantly increased sustainability in trawling, with a reduced environmental footprint and higher earnings for the owners. The innovations in the design come as a result of dedicated project work to solve challenges raised by the ship owner and the end-user. Nordic Wildfish contributed with their commercial and operational experience from fishing, while Ulstein contributed with design and engineering expertise, field studies and research. Together, the parties developed a series of trawlers in which the handling methods are less damaging to the catch, resulting in increased quality of the end product. Additionally, the hull and propulsion solutions are developed to achieve reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions to air.

Complete provider

The owner's feedback, and Ulstein's shipbuilding experience, are of essential value when ship owners decide to have their newbuild constructed at other yards, such as Brazil, China or south Korea, countries where several Ulstein designed vessels have been built. Ulstein can follow up every part of the project process, from initial design sketches, basic design, engineering, to equipment purchases, main equipment deliveries, electrical installations, site follow-up, pre-commissioning, commissioning, sea trial and testing. Ulstein provides complete service line in-house.

X-BOW® for fishing vessels

The X-BOW® alters the traditional layout of trawler vessel arrangements, and leads to better placement of crew, factory and cargo. The factory is placed on two decks, while all the accommodation is assembled centrally in the ship. Due to the X-BOW hull line, the fore ship will be efficiently exploited. Ships carrying the X-BOW feature also have less vibrations and pitching, which help to improve the working environment on board and reduce noise in the sea.

The design includes the latest technology to improve performance and reduce the environmental impact. The vessels in the series have an effective hybrid system which combines batteries with diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical propulsion. Both the hull and the technology are designed for fuel efficiency, and a built ship will operate with little noise and will comply to the requirements of the DNV SILENT F notation.

The X-BOW® hull increases the loading capacity and operability, minimises movements and reduces wear and tear on hull and equipment as well as reducing the fuel consumption.

About Ulstein:

ULSTEIN is a group of companies offering a wide range of ship designs, shipbuilding, equipment packages and maritime solutions. The X-BOW® hull line design is an innovation by ULSTEIN. The company is headquartered in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

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Jose Jorge Garcia Agis

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Jose Agis DSC4273 comp bw

Jose Jorge Garcia Agis

Managing Director

Ulstein International AS