Best Adventure Cruise Lines



Lindblad Expeditions and Aurora Expeditions are two of the top ten winners of best adventure cruise lines in 2021.

In USA TODAY’s 10 best Reader Choice, the readers have chosen Lindblad Expeditions and Aurora Expeditions as two of their top favourites, followed by this text:

If you think cruising is all about lounging on the lido deck, piña colada in hand, think again. With these 10 cruise companies cruising becomes an adventure for active travellers, where exploring an exotic destination might involve kayaking through remote fjords, getting up close and personal with ice bergs aboard a Zodiac or walking atop a glacier.

Congratulations to Lindblad, that built the National Geographic Endurance at Ulstein Verft in 2020 and will complete the National Geographic Resolution in 2021. Both are X-BOW expedition cruise vessels of the ULSTEIN CX104 design.

And likewise, our congratulations to Aurora Expeditions, that received the ‘Greg Mortimer’ from the CMHI yard in 2019 and will receive the ‘Sylvia Earle’ in 2021. These vessels are based on the ULSTEIN CX103 design.

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