Ulstein Verft firms up service contracts


During the final days of October and the first days of November, Ulstein Verft signed contracts for service and classification of ships for several different shipowners. The dock hall is an important reason why the order book fills up.

Service assignment in the covered dock hall at Ulstein Verft.
Service assignment in the covered dock hall at Ulstein Verft.

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“Ulstein Verft is conveniently located along the west coast of Norway, and its facilities include service quays, a dock, and a dock hall. The dock hall has a controlled environment with good conditions, and this gives high-quality end results, particularly when it comes to paintwork. The yard holds basic design and engineering resources and has experienced production and project teams. With the latest contracts, the shipyard has filled up the order book well into 2023”, says Martin Sundgot Hansen, sales manager aftermarket at Ulstein Verft.

Has the capacity for more service and repair assignments

Hansen says the yard can still take on more assignments: “We have received inquiries for several months ahead and this looks promising for the activities at the yard going forward. Although we have booked many assignments for the coming six months, we still have the capacity to take on some new assignments”, he says.

Classifications and maintenance

The new contracts being signed in the past days means that vessels will be arriving at the yard at frequent intervals, and the common denominator is 10- and 15-year classifications and maintenance work.

The first arrival is Island Crown, which is expected to arrive in mid-November. The ship will carry out a 10-year classification with an approximate 3-week stay at the yard. In December, ship number two from Island Offshore will be docking in, this time Island Wellserver, for a 15-year classification.

After the turn of the year, Seven Viking (Eidesvik) will be the next vessel expected. This is yard number 295 from Ulstein Verft and is now due for a 10-year classification. The vessel will be at the yard for about four weeks. Thereafter, the next vessel will be Skandi Hugen in the DOF fleet. This is also having a 10-year classification which will be carried out during February/March.

Upgrading the offshore wind ship Windea Leibniz

On 31 October, the service operation vessel Windea Leibniz arrived at Ulstein Verft. The accommodation capacity will expand by increasing the number of single cabins from 40 to 60, and Ulstein Verft will also install an adjustable pedestal for more operational flexibility. After the upgrade, the ship will be enabled to work as a construction support vessel.

Windea Leibniz - going through an upgrade at Ulstein Verft.
Windea Leibniz - going through an upgrade at Ulstein Verft.

The heavy lift department at Ulstein Verft

While the focus on Ulstein Verft is often related to the activity taking place in the facilities of Osneset in Ulsteinvik, Ulstein Verft also has a department that is always on the move. With a barge, a Terex mobile crane with a 600-tonne lifting capacity, and multiwheelers, the department is travelling along the coast of Norway, taking on transport and lifting assignments.

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