Service & Aftermarket

We provide professional access to retrofits, conversions, service and maintenance, classification service, stability calculations, commissioning, modifications, ship repairs and upgrades. We have 24-7 electrical service on our power & automation systems.


We have a unique expertise in engineering, installation, commissioning and upgrading. We focus on innovative technological solutions and methods, project management expertise, and efficient logistics and outfitting methods. Team spirit and streamlined production provide a high level of flexibility and quality. Close cooperation between design, engineering, production and operation makes us an effective supplier of aftermarket services.

We offer engineering for rebuilding of any vessel, engineering for installation of project equipment as well as calculations and analysis as for example; strength calculations, stability updates, CFD simulations, station keeping analyses and motion analyses.

Our yard, Ulstein Verft, has excellent dockhall and crane capacities, barge and mobile crane (Terex CC2800-1), transportation on site, sandblasting, painting and priming resources. 


Naval architects within hydrodynamics, stability, machinery and propulsion, hull structure and outfitting, accommodation, interior, electro, scantlings, finite element analyses. System redesign, reinforcement, relocation, installation, feasibility and capabilities studies, calculations (stability, deck strength), capacity increase, modification, upgrades and updates (FiFi system, tank plan), conversions, rebuilding, site support, motion studies, ballast treatment, inclining tests, additional load conditions, length extensions, fuel optimising, update for new rules.


We have over 100 years of experience in shipbuilding. Ulstein Verft and Ulstein Elektro Installasjon has naval experts in HVAC (ventilation), accommodation, stability, machinery, propulsion, hull structure, outfitting, electrical installation. The service and aftermarket services include barge transport and crane lifts for assignments outside Ulstein Verft. On our premises the services include conversions, repair, antifouling, painting, pipe production, maintenance, upgrades, steel work, welding, docking, mooring, storing of maritime equipment.


The Power & Control area is experienced in developing system solutions, control systems and products for vessels, as well as integrating individual products into larger systems.The service and aftermarket services in this area include precommissioning, installation and commissioning of our own (ULSTEIN COM, ULSTEIN IAS, ULSTEIN BAS) and others' electrical systems and products. We have service engineers travelling to yards and harbours around the world to perform service, and our service phone is manned 24 hours a day.

Design conversions

We offer off-the-shelf and customised conversions of our existing shipdesigns. We can cover the whole process from initial idea to turn key solution.

Design conversions

Yard facilities

Ulstein Verft is a compact and complete ship yard with excellent facilities, including dock hall, to secure the best possible quality on every process in the outfitting, integration and finishing of new builds, ship repairs and conversions. All assets are in walking distance from the yard administration offices.

Premium Yard Facilities

System Support & Upgrades

We aim to help our customers retain systems & solutions that always are up to date and in accordance to the continuously changing class regulations and new technologies. Global service is provided from our offices in Ulsteinvik, Ningbo, Singapore and Rio de Janeiro.

System Services

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