Seven Borealis

Heavy Lift and pipe lay

Our Heavy Lift and Pipelay design portfolio comprises state-of-the-art construction vessels with heavy lift and pipelay capabilities, which can be fully customised to client requirements.

Vessel designs for heavy lift and pipe lay operations

Our design range includes amongst others single joint and double joint S-lay vessels and quad joint J-lay vessels, while lifting capacities can go up to over 5,000 metric tonnes.

Heavy Lift and pipe lay portfolio

D80 CG012700M
Length: 135.8m
Beam: 36.4m

Proven design - see our references

Vessel designs for the energy market

Our vessels are designed to operate in the Offshore Energy market (wind, oil and gas), making them a versatile option for companies looking to invest in sustainable energy solutions.

The SX120 design, the Oceanic Vega, met the tropical hurricane 'Igor' on her way across the Atlantic.

Survey and inspections

As a renowned ship designer, we offer innovative survey and inspection vessels. Our designs prioritize efficiency, safety, and advanced technology, ensuring seamless operations. 

You can trust us to enhance your surveying capabilities and your business' success.

The Fortitude is designed for ultra deepwater installation and construction, pipelay and heavy lift support. Photo: Flying Focus.

Construction and installation

We understand the unique challenges of the offshore energy segment. That's why we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from initial design to construction and delivery. 

Our knowledgeable team is always available to offer expert guidance and assistance, ensuring a smooth and successful project.

Acta Auriga offshore wind farm

Operations and maintenance

We have a deep appreciation for the distinctive obstacles faced by the offshore energy sector. This understanding drives us to offer extensive support at every stage, from the initial design phase to construction and delivery. 

Our highly competent team remains readily accessible to provide expert guidance and assistance, guaranteeing a seamless and prosperous project experience.

Ulstein Design & Solutions B.V.

Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Develops innovative ships for the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas industries, with a speciality in wind farm installation vessels, heavy lift crane vessels, pipelay vessels/barges, rock installation vessels, shallow draught construction support vessels, and drill ships.


Cornerstone Building (6th floor) Rotterdam Airportplein 32
3045 AP Rotterdam
The Netherlands