Yno 315, the next offshore wind vessel for Bernhard Sculte, photo by Uavpic.com.

Third offshore wind vessel for Bernhard Schulte getting outfitted

The construction of Bernhard Schulte’s third offshore wind vessel designed by Ulstein is well underway at Ulstein Verft. Initiate work tasks such as steel outfitting, mechanical outfitting, electrical steel work, piping and insulation, have now commenced, and cable pulling will start within a few days.

Bernhard Schulte has previously (2016 and 2017) received two offshore wind vessels from Ulstein. The ship owner was the first to order and introduce to the market the novel X-STERN® aft design, which improves the operational flexibility and work conditions for the ship's crew at the offshore wind farms. With all main equipment and operations in the aft ship, the vessel will naturally operate astern while in-field.

Their vessel number three from Ulstein is a larger-sized Service Operation Vessel of the design type SX195. The vessel measures 93.4 metres in length and 18 metres in the beam and can carry up to 120 people.

The design has been customised for the tender requirements of the charterer and the ship owner's preferred mission equipment. It has a large, centrally positioned walk-to-work motion compensated gangway & lift tower for personnel and cargo transfers. Furthermore, a 3D compensated crane capable of 2-tonne cargo lifts is available. The optimised on-board logistics includes large storage capacities, of which half is under roof in a controlled environment, and stepless approach to the offshore installations.

In cooperation with the ship owner, Ulstein Design & Solutions has designed a diesel-electric propulsion system assisted by batteries to reduce operating hours on the main engines, save fuel and reduce environmental footprint.

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