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Bluewild fishing vessel catch reception

The ECOFIVE catch solution explained

Trawling has always presented some challenges. The award-winning ECOFIVE solution from Bluewild is an ambitious venture that maintains high catch quality and is now being realised in a factory trawler developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions. An explanatory animation in this article describes the catch solution.

Seaway Alfa Lift transporting

Seaway Alfa Lift delivered

Seaway7's newbuild heavy lift crane vessel Seaway Alfa Lift (CMHI-207) has departed China following its delivery from China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI). The vessel has been constructed at the CMHI Haimen shipyard.

Preparation keel laying Acta Yno 1121

Keel lay for Acta Marine's CSOV

The keel laying ceremony for the Yno 1121, one of the Ulstein-designed Acta Marine TWIN X-STERN CSOVs at the Tersan Shipyard, was arranged on 1 June 2023.

ULSTEIN FX101 ECOFIVE trawler Bluewild Westcon Ulstein Design and Solutions
Press Release

'Ship of the Year 2023' to ECOFIVE trawler

On 6 June 2023, Bluewild, Ulstein Design & Solutions AS and Westcon were awarded 'Ship of the Year 2023' for the factory trawler ECOFIVE. The jury states that the ship solution offers ground-breaking technology with several innovations for a greener fishing fleet.